Monday, 30 May 2011

Bonnie Scotland!!!

Last Thursday me and Freya boarded the Scotland train  bound for the beautiful city of Edinburgh to celebrate granny and granddad's golden wedding anniversary! As the train pulled out of a grey and rainy London we were both full of excitement and expectation as we busily planned all the wonderful things we would do in the days after the celebration was over. A trip to the butterfly farm, a walk along the Water of Leith, a most picturesque and fairly secret river that runs through the heart of Edinburgh where wild flowers grow in abundance and the smell of young garlic is pleasantly strong. Perhaps we would go to the woods to collect some of nature's treasures or just amble up and down the ancient, narrow, winding cobbled streets which make up the city's Old Town scaring each other with witchy tales!! has been so windy and rainy here that we've pretty much had to stay indoors. We did make it to the woods, but only just! So many trees had been blown over and we didn't want to end up flattened, so armed with only a few pine cones we admitted defeat and headed home. At last a bit of sunshine between the showers. Thank goodness for gardens and Fairy towns......!
Eilidh x

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