Sunday, 26 June 2011

Yassas From Alonnisos

A quick Hello to everyone from a sunny Alonnisos in Greece
where we are spending our family Holiday.
Alonnisos is one of the less commercial islands in the Ionian Ocean near to the bigger Skiathos and Skopolos
Very little goes on here so we spend our time shared between the beach
 & one of the many lovely tavernas which serves the most delicious Greek food.
Emmie is having a great time!
Emmie with her new friend Larry the Lizard

Fishing in the habour of Steni Vala a sleepy little village in a calm bay.
Chasing lizards and splashing around in the turqouis waters.
Most of the beaches here are pebblely but there's one sandy really child friendly beach
called Chissi Milia...
Sandy and shallow water for quite some way out
so as you can imagien Emmie has been enjoying herself for hours
builing sandcastles & floating around in her waterwings
Pure holiday bliss!
I have been enjoying using my old Nikon film camera...
There's something so satifying about the weight of it, the winding the film forward
& that reasuring click when you try and capture a memorable moment.
Also there's something magic about seeing the results when  you're back home,
maybe I'll post a few of them if they come out ok!
But for now lots of sunny X's
Katrine & Family

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